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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any questions you have about your next epic adventure motorcycle vacation. Below are some Q&A's that might help you in making the right decision.

What does Rumbling Adventures offer?

We provide thrilling guided motorcycle expeditions across both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, as well as adventure motorcycle rentals

Can I hire a motorcycle without going on a tour?

Yes, you can hire a motorcycle from Rumbling Adventures without going on one of our tours.

What experience do I need as a rider ? 

We suggest having a minimum of 1 year of on-road riding experience, preferably with some off-road experience, to enhance your proficiency.

Does Rumbling Adventures provide riding gear?

No, Rumbling Adventures does not provide riding gear. We can help you source gear in New Zealand if required.

What happens if my motorcycle breaks down?

Preventive maintenance aims to ensure your journey remains smooth and trouble-free. However, in the event of issues such as a punctured tire, chain adjustment, or oil top-up, you'll need to handle these arrangements independently. We suggest visiting a local motorcycle workshop for assistance. Should you require support, our team is just a phone call away.

In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, we'll initially guide you to the nearest motorcycle repair shop or arrange for a pickup. For major mechanical breakdowns, our goal is to provide you with a replacement bike within 24 hours or as promptly as possible.

What license do I require to ride in New Zealand?

To rent a motorcycle, you must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement. Many overseas licenses are accepted in New Zealand, subject to the same regulations as the issuing country. If your foreign license lacks a motorcycle endorsement, you'll need an international driving permit.

Adherence to New Zealand road laws and safety standards is mandatory for all renters. This entails riding responsibly, obeying speed limits, and respecting parking regulations. By signing the rental agreement, you commit to complying with these requirements. It's advisable for international visitors to familiarize themselves with New Zealand's road laws prior to their arrival.

Do you supply soft paneer luggage bags?

Yes, Rumbling Adventures provides 28 Litre soft pannier bags with every bike if required.

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend that each of our customers take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any potential extra costs and disruption to their travels.

Is motorcycle insurance included?

Yes, every motorcycle rental rate includes comprehensive insurance coverage, encompassing damage to the motorcycle, as well as protection against fire and theft. However, the hirer remains individually responsible for any accessories rented along with the motorcycle. Upon signing the rental agreement, the hirer acknowledges acceptance of the insurance coverage.

Do the motorcycles have phone mounts?

All of our motorcycles have QuadLock phone mounts fitted.

Can we ride on gravel/dirt roads?

Yes,  our bikes can be taken on public gravel/dirt roads. This will not void your insurance.  

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