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Level 1

This route will have paved and well groomed gravel roads.

Level 2

This route will have simple hard-packed gravel/dirt with 4x4 tracks and the odd stream crossing.

Level 3

This route will have gravel roads or 4X4 tracks with a significant amount of gravel, dirt, light sand, shallow river crossings or riding on rocks can be expected, so generally speaking, motorcycle riders who have ridden on this type of terrain previously won't have a problem.

Level 4

This route will likely involve spending over half the time with multiple challenging sections (ruts, rocks, deep sand,river crossings, steep loose inclines and mud are possible.) As such, a route like this should never be attempted without a rider having spent time in such conditions previously.

Level 5

The most "extreme" type of route we ride, these rides are highly challenging and only for the most experienced, capable, physically and mentally fit riders who can handle essentially any terrain found on tracks, trails, roads or otherwise. This type of trip would likely involve single-track riding with multiple technical sections. A rider's physical and mental endurance will be tested.

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